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Product Feature

Magnetic fluid sealing technology is a brand new sealing technology for rotating axle dynamic sealing by using amorphism of magnetic fluid and its response characteristics to magnetic field.

Magnetic fluid sealing consists of permanent magnet, rotating axle,magnetic pole and magnetic fluid. When magnetic fluid is injected into the circuit constituted by permanent magnet, rotating axle and magnetic pole, due to the action of magnetic field force, stable O-shape liquid sealing ring is formed in seal clearance, and seal clearance is filled fully so as to realize sealing purpose.

General magnetic fluid sealing pressure capacity for each class 0.02-0.035MPa, usually magnetic fluid seal gear, total pressure capacity is approximately the sum of all levels of voltage capability.

1.Sealing performance is stable and reliable, and usage lifeis long.

In this type of sealing structure, sealing material (magnetic fluid) used is of liquid state, There is only contact between liquid and solid in rotating structure members, while no abrasion or wearing between solid that existing in traditional sealing, therefore,sealing performances including stability, reliability and long-life operation are ensured.

2.Nearly free from leaking.

Take helium gas sealing for example, through static and dynamic test, under standard temperature and pressure, the measured leakage volume is less than 1x10-'ZPa"m'/s. Therefore,leakage rate of magnetic fluid sealing is sometimes called "zero leakage".

3.Excellent torque transmission characteristics.

Magnetic fluid is fixed in sealing by the magnetic field force generated by permanent magnet, It is unnecessary to enhance sealing performance by application of additional xternal force,therefore, it is unnecessary to consider power consumption of magnetic fluid sealing transmission, This type of sealing technology boasts the best torque transmission characteristics.